Herome Nail care

Herome Nail Hardener extra strong
for weak and cracked nails, 10 ml
12,49 €*
Herome Nourishing Nail Oil
restores the healthy condition of the nails
10,98 €*
Herome Nail Hardener strong
guarantees hard and long nails, 10 ml
11,79 €*
Herome Exit Damaged Nails
extremely damaged and splintering nails are directly repaired
11,79 €*
Herome Natural Nail Colour Salmon
prevents tearing of weak nails
10,29 €*
Herome Cuticle Remover
for better nail growth
10,29 €*
Herome Nail Hardener sensitive soft
for mild nail problems, 10 ml
10,98 €*
Herome Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow
conceals discolouration and provides shine
10,98 €*
Herome Glamour Nail Whitener
gives a bright soft pink shine
10,98 €*
Herome Wonderpen Cuticle Night Repair
nourishes and soothes nails and cuticles
10,39 €*
Herome Caring Nail polish Remover
mild and thorough cleaning, 120 ml
8,69 €*
Herome Cuticle Softener Pen
cares for torn cuticles
9,39 €*
Herome Handcream Daily Protection SPF 8
daily care with sun protection factor
7,09 €*

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*) all prices include German VAT and depending on the mode of shipment and payment, plus:

Shipment within Germany Modes of payment International shipment
  • the shipping costs and modes of payment for international consignments are available here
  • within the EU, commercial deliveries are effected VAT-free, if a VAT-ID-No. is quoted
  • outside of the EU, delivery is effected VAT-free plus any applicable customs duties
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