Other Working Materials

Here you will find other cabinet goods to support you in your daily salon routine. We have all kinds of useful accessories on offer, such as scales, brooms, registers or also a face shield.

Efalock Hair strength measuring device
pocket size
123,90 €*
Efalock Tube Squeezer 57147
made of plastic, roller of galvanized metal
13,59 €*
XanitaliaPro Expo
Digital Scale
25,89 €*
Efalock Tip Tube Single
Tip box
39,90 €*
Efalock Rubber Broom Head - Black
high-quality rubber
11,69 €*
XanitaliaPro Timer in Black
Mechanical timer
5,19 €*
Hi-Tools TubeTwist
Tube press
9,09 €*
Efalock Easy-Time Black
Digital timer
13,59 €*
Fripac Hairdresser's Clothes Brush Green
ca. 15 x 5 cm - high-quality rubber mixture
6,98 €*
Efalock Easy-Time White
Digital timer
13,59 €*
Fripac Hairdresser's Clothes Brush Red
ca. 15 x 5 cm - high-quality rubber mixture
6,89 €*
XanitaliaPro Tube Squeezer Key
Easy Squeeze Tool
3,98 €*
Fripac Hairdresser's Clothes Brush Blue
ca. 15 x 5 cm - high-quality rubber mixture
7,09 €*
Efalock Face Protection
made of durable plastic, 57519
7,39 €*
Efalock Index-Cards A-Z
without card box, 6945
15,39 €*
Efalock Tip Tube
Tip tubes in stand
124,90 €*
Efalock Squeeze-Out
Tube squeezer
15,59 €*
XanitaliaPro Magnetic Hairpin Holder
Bracelet for wrist
5,79 €*
XanitaliaPro Timer in White
Mechanical timer
5,49 €*
XanitaliaPro Timer in Purple
Mechanical timer
5,09 €*
XanitaliaPro Timer in Light Blue
Mechanical timer
5,39 €*

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*) all prices include German VAT and depending on the mode of shipment and payment, plus:

Shipment within Germany Modes of payment
  • Prepayment (advance payment)
  • PayPal (more informations here)
  • Credit card (only available for orders over 25 €)
International shipment
  • the shipping costs and modes of payment for international consignments are available here
  • within the EU, commercial deliveries are effected VAT-free, if a VAT-ID-No. is quoted
  • outside of the EU, delivery is effected VAT-free plus any applicable customs duties
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