Paraffin treatment

In a paraffin treatment, the hands or feet are dipped into a bowl of hot paraffin wax. After removing them from the wax, the hands or feet are immediately placed in a transparent, protective plastic bag and then in an insulating terry cloth glove. This creates a "miniature sauna" that captures the heat and delivers the soothing effect of the warm paraffin to the skin. At the end of the treatment, the hands or feet are massaged to remove the wax.

Here you will find paraffin warmers, paraffins for different purposes and complementary accessories.

XanitaliaPro Export Paraffin Warmer
For 3kg with 150W
86,90 €*
Sibel Paraffinheater Luxe
For 5 L with 300 Watt
93,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Low-melting paraffins 2 x 500 ml
Peach formula
11,98 €* 11,98 €/1 Liter
Sibel Paraffinheater Little
For 2,4 L with 200 Watt
45,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Low Meltimg Neutral Paraffin 2 x 500 ml
Neutral formula
11,98 €* 11,98 €/1 Liter
XanitaliaPro Paraffin 2x500 ml
Cornflower low-melting for hands or feet
11,98 €* 11,98 €/1 Liter
XanitaliaPro Low melting Paraffin aloe vera formula 2 x 500 ml
Aloe vera formula
11,89 €* 11,89 €/1 Liter
XanitaliaPro Paraffin Hand Cream 250 ml
Protects and nourishes the hands
10,19 €* 40,76 €/1 Liter
XanitaliaPro Paraffin Collagen Emulsion 250 ml
Additional collagen and elastin emulsion
9,29 €* 37,16 €/1 Liter
XanitaliaPro Paraffin Cleansing Lotion 250 ml
For hands and feet
5,39 €* 21,56 €/1 Liter
XanitaliaPro Mud Warmer Bowl
Spare bowl for Scaldafango
14,69 €*

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