Scissor Accessories

To complete your equipment, you will find all kinds of Scissors & Knives Accessories here. Among them you will find strops for razors, tool stands or even finger rings.

Weltmeister Tensioning screw strap WM-150-J
Russia leather, approx. 195 x 40 mm
34,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Scissors Holder
8cm x 8cm x 10cm
10,09 €*
Termix Scissors Holder
For up to 5 scissors
19,79 €*
Barburys Pick-Up Barber Anti-slip mat
for barber tools
8,19 €*
Comair Alum stone, 100 g
65X43X23 mm No. 3090037
3,09 €*
Comair Styptic pencil matchstick form
20 pieces No. 3090036
1,89 €*
Termix Barber Tool Mat
black, 44,7 x 20 cm
19,79 €*
Weltmeister Bar grinding paste WM-000100
for cleaning and sharpening razors and blades
4,79 €*
e-kwip Fingerrings RED
3 x 2 e-kwip fingerrings, red
3,09 €*
e-kwip Fingerrings BLUE
3 x 2 e-kwip fingerrings, blue
3,09 €*
Tondeo Sifter for Straight Razor Shave Blades Black
Comfort safe for TSS blades
1,19 €*
Barburys Paddle Strop Classic
for razors
now only 92,90 €*

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  • Prepayment (advance payment)
  • PayPal (more informations here)
  • Credit card (only available for orders over 25 €)
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