Shaving Brushes & Mugs

For the ideal shave and everything that goes with it, you will find our shaving brushes, soap dishes & mugs here. Selected materials, well-considered design make your service in the salon unforgettable or bring the salon feeling to your home.

Barburys Anchor Perfume Atomizer
spray bottle with bulbpump for Men
28,79 €*
Barburys Verdi Talc Blower
for everyday use
8,39 €*
Barburys Grey Horn Shaving Brush Ø 21 mm
with badger bristles
49,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Vintage Wood
Neck brush
12,29 €*
Barburys Code Ergo Shaving Brush Ø 21 mm
firm and compact boar bristles
13,19 €*
Barburys Techno Elegance Shaving Brush Ø 2,1cm by Sibel
With synthetic bristles
22,09 €*
Proraso Shaving Mug Bowl
Made from solid plastic
6,69 €*
Barburys Shaving Brush Stand Standy
made of metal
34,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Shawy Nelson
made of 100% synthetic bristles
9,29 €*
Barburys Code Sherry Shaving Brush Ø 21 mm
Imitation badger bristles
11,98 €*
Proraso Shaving Brush
Professional brush with pig bristles and chrome-plated plastic handle
8,59 €*
Barburys Shaving Brush Stand Plexi
in acrylic
4,19 €*
XanitaliaPro Sir francis drake
made of 100% natural bristles
9,59 €*
Zwickmeister Rasierpinsel Aluminium
now only 99,90 €*
Barburys Techno Polygon Shaving Brush Ø 21 mm
with syntheric bristles
23,19 €*
XanitaliaPro Royal sea
made of 100% natural bristles
9,89 €*
Barburys Shaving Bowl Stainless steel
How can a guy build a proper lather without a shaving bowl? Well, he can’t.
14,79 €*
Barburys Techno Walnut Shaving Brush Ø 2,1cm by Sibel
With synthetic bristles
23,19 €*
Barburys Bobo Shaving Bowl Porcelain
for traditional shaving Vintage
21,89 €*
Barburys Techno Travel Shaving Brush Ø 2,1cm by Sibel
With synthetic bristles
39,90 €*
Barburys Silver Gloss Shaving Brush Ø 22,5 mm
with badger bristles
now only 72,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Universal shaving brush support
Shaving brush holder
4,09 €*

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*) all prices include German VAT and depending on the mode of shipment and payment, plus:

Shipment within Germany Modes of payment
  • Prepayment (advance payment)
  • PayPal (more informations here)
  • Credit card (only available for orders over 25 €)
International shipment
  • the shipping costs and modes of payment for international consignments are available here
  • within the EU, commercial deliveries are effected VAT-free, if a VAT-ID-No. is quoted
  • outside of the EU, delivery is effected VAT-free plus any applicable customs duties
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