Special combs

Here you will find a variation of special combs such as strand combs, perm combs, facon combs or even a nit comb - all this and more in different shapes, materials and designs.

Triumph Master Coloring Comb Roll-Ka 9", black, Nr. 79400
Anti-splicing comb for any kind of application
11,29 €*
Tangle Teezer Hair Pick Lilac
Curl comb
8,89 €*
Hercules Sägemann Small Grooming Comb 6.5", No. 5610
for detangling curly long hair
11,69 €*
Efalock Highlight-Comb black with Template
with stencil, 57515/1
9,59 €*
Comair Special combination comb Nr.711
Blue Profi Line No. 7000375
2,09 €*
Hercules Sägemann Styling Comb 5.75", No. 5580
for fine texturing of medium long hair
11,29 €*
Efalock Comb No. 10 black
for curly to afro hair, 50511
5,79 €*
Comair Comb and brush cleaner Nr. 718
Blue Profi Line No. 7000378
3,59 €*
XanitaliaPro Delrin Pom 19 cm
Wide-toothed comb
2,29 €*
Denman Tame 'n' Tease comb black
3-row multifunction comb
6,19 €*
Efalock Comb No. 35 black
Ideal for permed hair
5,98 €*
Comair Highlighting comb Nr.419
Blue Profi Line No. 7000348
3,39 €*
XanitaliaPro Precision Comb
1,98 €*
XanitaliaPro Work Comb Double Sided
2,69 €*
Hercules Sägemann Styling-Comb7.75", No. 5690
for structuring and fine, plane styling
11,19 €*
Comair Dust comb Nr.412
Blue Profi Line No. 7000347
2,59 €*
Hercules Sägemann Ladies Comb Small 7 ", No. 603-330
Multi-Purpose, travel size
9,29 €*
Hercules Sägemann Styling-Comb 3.5", No. 372WW-62WW
pocket styler for travelling
10,49 €*
Hercules Sägemann Nit Comb 3,5", Nr. 372w - 62w
with tooth gaps of less than 1mm
10,29 €*
Denman Tame 'n' Tease comb blue
3-row multifunction comb
5,39 €*
Hercules Sägemann Splissart
Anti split end comb
29,98 €*
Comair Special comb “Straight Cut”
with spirit-level No. 7000436
8,98 €*
XanitaliaPro Voluminous Hair Detangling Comb
professional comb of Delrin
2,69 €*

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*) all prices include German VAT and depending on the mode of shipment and payment, plus:

Shipment within Germany Modes of payment
  • Prepayment (advance payment)
  • PayPal (more informations here)
  • Credit card (only available for orders over 25 €)
International shipment
  • the shipping costs and modes of payment for international consignments are available here
  • within the EU, commercial deliveries are effected VAT-free, if a VAT-ID-No. is quoted
  • outside of the EU, delivery is effected VAT-free plus any applicable customs duties
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